November 7, 2014

Nov. 10 PA Environment Digest Now Available

The Nov. 10 PA Environment Digest is now available.  Click Here To Print Entire Digest.

Tom Wolf Wins Governor’s Race, Senate, House GOP Gain Seats, Session Next Week
CNN (8:03) and NBC News (8:07) projected Tom Wolf the winner of the Governor’s race in Pennsylvania just minutes after the polls closed at 8:00 p.m.  The Department of State election results webpage shows Wolf at 54.8 percent and Corbett at 45.1 percent.
Senate Republicans picked up 3 new seats for a 30 seat majority and the House Republicans picked up 8 new seats for a 119 majority in the new General Assembly.
The Senate and House return to Harrisburg November 12 to elect caucus leaders.

What Tom Wolf Said He Would Do On Environmental Issues
In May, then candidate Tom Wolf gave the Pennsylvania Environmental Council answers to questions on important environmental issues. Among them, he was asked what he would do during the first 100 days in office.  He said--

PEC Urges DEP To Create A More Robust Oil & Gas Well Inspection Program
In comments on DEP’s proposed Oil and Gas Program Enforcement Policy, the PA Environmental Council Friday called on DEP to create a more robust compliance inspection program for oil and gas wells which it says the Department does not now have.

DEP Citizens Advisory Council To Begin Discussion Of Report To New Governor Nov. 18
DEP’s Citizens Advisory Council will begin a discussion of its recommendations to Governor-Elect Tom Wolf for improving DEP operations and programs at its November 18 meeting.  

Senate Leadership Files Lawsuit Over Gov. Corbett’s Veto Of Fiscal Code Bill
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported Wednesday Senate Republican and Democratic Leadership filed a lawsuit on election day against Gov. Corbett for his veto of provisions in the Fiscal Code bill in July which, among other items, vetoed $5 million in Senate and House funding for Harrisburg Parking expenses.

DEP Forces Revised Power Plant Air Quality Regulation Thru Advisory Committee
DEP’s Air Quality Technical Advisory Committee Friday voted 11 to 5 to recommend a final  rulemaking to impose more stringent requirements Reasonably Available Control Technology (RACT) air quality standards on power plants be forwarded to the Environmental Quality Board for consideration, but only allowed members of the Committee two days to review the 24 page proposal and did not include key information used to calculate compliance with the standard.