November 12, 2014

Liquor Control Board Releases FY 2013-14 Annual Report

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Monday released its Fiscal Year 2013-14 Annual Report which provides detailed information on each area of the PLCB's operation such as Licensing, Marketing, Supply Chain and Retail Operations.
The document is filled with statistics such as shipping accuracy from the distribution centers to the stores, the number of nuisance bar objections, the top-selling products statewide, the impact of advertising on sales and the amount of money spent on rent for the 600-plus Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores statewide.
"The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is a complex organization that impacts communities in a variety of ways. Most people don't realize that we rent nearly three million square feet of property for our Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores," said PLCB Chairman Joseph E. Brion. "The annual report gives us the chance to share the details of the PLCB's impact with the general public. This agency is owned by the commonwealth, so the people of the Commonwealth should know how it's operated."
Some of the highlights of the annual report include:
-- A five-year financial summary of store operations, including personnel costs and revenue;
-- The agency's advertising spending;
-- A breakdown of the 62,013 license and permit applications processed and 6,606 investigations completed;
-- A listing of all 15,317 retail licenses by county; and
-- Details about ongoing alcohol education efforts.
A copy of the report is available online.