October 9, 2014

PLS: Rep. Turzai- Lame Duck Session? Sen. Pileggi- Not Interested

PA Legislative Services reported Thursday Senate Majority Leader Domini Pileggi (R-Delaware) told House Majority Leader Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny his members were not interested in a lame duck session after election day to vote on pension reform or anything else.
“Our caucus is not interested in a lame duck session,” said Sen. Pileggi. “We haven’t discussed it.”
He said “if there is some reason” to come back, the caucus will discuss it, but noted the caucus has not yet been presented with such a cause.
Sen. Pileggi further said he is unsure many votes will change on major issues—such as pension reform—during a lame duck session.
“I don’t know how their votes change after the election,” he said. “I know our votes won’t change in our caucus because of the election.”