October 7, 2014

Corbett Urges Pennsylvanians To Contact Their Legislators On Pension Reform

Gov. Tom Corbett Tuesday called on Pennsylvania taxpayers to contact their legislators including using the power of social media to encourage lawmakers to reform Pennsylvania's public pension system.
The Commonwealth's two major public pension funds – the Pennsylvania State Employees' Retirement System and the Pennsylvania School Employees' Retirement System – have a combined $50 billion in unfunded liabilities with more than $600 million in new funds needed each year.
Gov. Corbett supports the Tobash-Kampf pension reform plan that could save state taxpayers $11-$15 billion over the next 30 years.
"As we learned at our meetings throughout Pennsylvania with property owners, pension reform means property tax relief," said Gov. Corbett. "Our school districts and property owners are in dire financial straits because of the huge costs of public pensions. I am calling today on all Pennsylvanians to e-mail, call and write their legislators. Use the power of social media. Let them know you want pension reform, and you want it now. We can fix this system and provide a strong, stable future for our children and grandchildren."
As part of the governor's call to action, he released a video highlighting some of the citizens he heard from at meetings across the state with homeowners, school district officials, senior citizens and businesses affected by rising property taxes.
Over the last 10 years, Pennsylvania school districts' pension costs have risen $1.9 billion, or 280 percent, causing property taxes to spike. He urged Pennsylvania taxpayers to share the video within their social networks.
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