September 4, 2014

Harper Poll Shows Corbett Losing By 11 percent

A Harper Poll released on Thursday by the Corbett campaign shows Wolf with only an 11 point lead over Corbett-- 52 percent to 41 percent.
Wolf has stronger support among Democrats (82 percent) than Corbett does among Republicans (70 percent).  Wolf takes 21 percent of the Republican vote away from Corbett.  By comparison, Corbett gets 14 percent of the Democratic vote.
Wolf enjoys his largest lead in the Philadelphia/Southeast region of the state (58-35 percent).  The race is being fought to a draw in the South Central (Corbett 48 percent, Wolf 45 percent) and Pittsburgh/Southwest (Corbett 46 percent, Wolf 48 percent) regions.
The Harper Poll asked voters who they expected to win regardless of their preference-- 61 percent said Wolf, 33 percent said Corbett.