September 17, 2014

Gaming Board Issues Annual Report On Diversity In Casino Industry

The Gaming Control Board Wednesday released its 7th Annual Diversity Report providing a description of each casino’s activities related to the implementation of their diversity plans and the action taken by the entities to achieve the Commonwealth’s goal of enhanced representation of diverse groups in the gaming industry.
Highlights from the Report are described in the bullet-points below.
— Pennsylvania’s ten casinos and two resort casinos collectively employed 17,768 persons at the close of the state fiscal year of 2013-2014;
— 89 percent of casino employees are residents of Pennsylvania;
— 44 percent of these employees are female while 31% are racial minorities; and
— Casinos spent over a half billion dollars in 2013-2014 with other businesses for construction and non-construction expenses.
“Our findings show that Pennsylvania casinos have created employee friendly cultures and policies as well as enriched communication methods and techniques to ensure the retention of talented employees,” said Mozelle Daniels, the Board’s Director of Diversity. “Additionally, the casinos are also committed to expanding opportunities to qualified minority, women, and local businesses that are capable of providing exceptional services at competitive value and cost while promoting diversity awareness and outreach initiatives among current suppliers.”
The 2013-2014 Diversity Report also provides casino-by-casino information for items such as employment trends over a four year period by race and gender and a detailed breakdown of minority, women, and local business expenditures.
A copy of the report is available online.