April 29, 2014

Corbett Announces Over $500M In Savings Through State Government Innovation

Gov. Tom Corbett Tuesday announced state agencies have saved over $650 million through innovations aimed at improving customer service, reducing costs, and eliminating inefficiency in state government.
"State government is performing more efficiently and effectively than it has in many years," Corbett said. "Administrative spending is down 10 percent, and through the efforts of commonwealth employees, we continue to find new ways to improve how government operates. We are working hard to build a stronger Pennsylvania."
Since 2011, state agencies have completed over 200 cost-saving or cost-avoidance initiatives that have saved more than $650 million so far. Nearly all state agencies have contributed ideas to the commonwealth's cost saving efforts. Some of those individual agency cost-saving ideas include:
-- Department of General Services – reduced state passenger vehicle fleet by nearly 20 percent, saving over $50 million.
-- Department of Labor & Industry – using PA Justice Network to help identify county inmates attempting to collect unemployment compensation, saving over $100 million.
-- PennDOT – utilizing state-of-the-art technology to increase accuracy and efficiency in conducting field surveys, saving $1.3 million.
-- Public Utility Commission – eliminated paper filing requirements and made more information available electronically, saving $23,000 per month on paper and printing.
-- Department of Conservation & Natural Resources – expanded use of citizen volunteers in state parks to greet visitors, maintain trail and other projects, saving $9.4 million.
-- Office of Administration – implemented award-winning online orientation process for new hires, saving $1 million.
Currently 185 additional projects are underway with the potential for even more savings. Many of the innovation ideas were submitted through state employees.
Following the announcement, Gov. Corbett recognized 10 teams of employees who have saved a combined total of $51 million in the last year.
To learn more about innovation in state government, see total savings by state agency, or to submit your own idea, visit the Governor's Innovation Office website.