January 27, 2014

LCB Begins Accepting Applications For New Tavern Gaming License

In accordance with Act 90 of 2013, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Monday began accepting applications for the new Tavern Gaming License.  
The license allows certain retail liquor licensees the authority to offer pull-tabs, daily drawings and charitable raffles.
The PLCB, Gaming Control Board, Department of Revenue and State Police Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement recently completed seven statewide informational seminars focused on tavern gaming.
"More than 1,700 people attended the seminars to learn about tavern gaming and the application process, which is based on the legislation that was passed," said PLCB Chairman Joseph E. Brion. "It is our hope that those who attended the sessions will be better prepared to apply, making the process a little smoother and easier to navigate."
For those unable to attend but interested in tavern gaming, a video of the Harrisburg informational session will be posted on the PLCB website along with supplemental materials such as the presentation that was given and frequently asked questions.
While the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board will process the applications and ultimately approve or deny them, other state agencies have a role in tavern gaming as well. The Gaming Control Board will conduct a thorough background check on applicants and provide that information to the PLCB.
The Department of Revenue will collect the applicable taxes and administer filing and payment obligations related to taverns, as well as the annual reporting requirements of the law.
The State Police Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement will enforce the licensing and gaming requirements of the new law while maintaining its current responsibilities enforcing the Liquor Code.
For more information, visit the LCB’s Tavern Gaming webpage.