November 30, 2012

Friday NewsClips

Here are some quick highlights from Gov. Corbett’s year-end interviews with different groups of Capitol reporters:
-- “I’m not going to increase taxes right now.”
-- Corbett will present a transportation funding plan to the General Assembly with his budget address in February.  He is considering raising the cap on the tax on wholesale prices of vehicle fuels to help fund it.  He said all the options outlined by his Transportation Funding Commission are on the table, including creating more toll roads and toll lanes.
-- Corbett supports expanding lottery gaming with keno-like games in taverns to raise money for senior programs.  He said these games could be in bars and taverns in January.  He would still oppose video poker.
-- Corbett is considering reducing future pension benefits for current state employees and teachers to deal with the estimated $41 billion in unfunded pension liabilities.  He discussed a possible 10 percent cut in the yearly pension multiplier.
-- “We really need to look at what liquor privatization is... it’s an issue of choice.”
-- PA does not yet have the answers it needs from the federal government to make a decision on health insurance exchanges that will cost the state between $30 and $100 million.
-- The cost of expanding Medicaid health insurance will cost from $134 to $221 million.

Click Here for a transcript of an interview with one group of reporters.  Click Here for a transcript of a Capitolwire interview on the Sandusky case.
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