December 24, 2010

House Republicans Name Committee Chairs

House Republican Leadership named the chairs of their Committees--
Aging and Older Adult Services-- Rep. Tim Hennessey
Agriculture and Rural Affairs-- Rep. John Maher 
Children and Youth-- Rep. Dennis O'Brien
Commerce-- Rep. Dick Hess
Consumer Affairs-- Rep. Robert Godshall
Education-- Rep. Paul Clymer
Environmental Resources & Energy-- Rep. Scott Hutchinson
Finance-- Rep. Kerry Benninghoff
Game and Fisheries-- Rep. John Evans
Gaming Oversight-- Rep. Curt Schroder
Health-- Rep. Matt Baker
Human Services-- Rep. Gene DiGirolamo
Insurance-- Rep. Nicholas Micozzie
Judiciary-- Rep. Ron Marsico
Labor Relations-- Rep. Ron Miller
Liquor Control-- Rep. John Taylor
Local Government-- Rep. Tom Creighton
Professional Licensure-- Rep. Julie Harhart
State Government-- Rep. Daryl Metcalfe
Tourism and Recreational Development-- Rep. Jerry Stern
Transportation-- Rep. Richard Geist
Urban Affairs-- Rep. Chris Ross
Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness-- Rep. Stephen Barrar