December 24, 2010

House Democrats Name Committee Chairs

House Democrats named their Committee chairs.  Note the Health and Human Services Committee has been split into two Committees-- Health and a separate Human Services Committee.  The Intergovernmental Affairs Committee was eliminated.
Aging and Older Adult Services – Rep. Lawrence Curry
Agriculture and Rural Affairs – Rep. Joseph Petrarca
Appropriations – Rep. Joseph Markosek
Children and Youth – Rep. Louise Williams Bishop
Commerce – Rep. Peter Daley
Consumer Affairs – Rep. Joseph Preston
Education – Rep. James Roebuck
Environmental Resources and Energy – Rep. Camille “Bud” George
Finance – Rep. Phyllis Mundy
Game and Fisheries – Rep. Edward Staback
Gaming Oversight – Rep. Rosita Youngblood
Health – Rep. John Myers
Human Services – Rep. Mark Cohen
Insurance – Rep. Anthony DeLuca
Judiciary – Rep. Thomas Caltagirone
Labor Relations – Rep. William Keller
Liquor Control – Rep. Dante Santoni
Local Government – Rep. Robert Freeman
Professional Licensure – Rep. Harry Readshaw
State Government – Rep. Babette Josephs
Tourism and Recreational Development – Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland
Transportation – Rep. Michael McGeehan
Urban Affairs – Rep. W. Curtis Thomas
Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness – Rep. Chris Sainato