February 7, 2018

Wednesday PA Capitol Digest NewsClips

-- Weather State Agencies: State Offices in Harrisburg, Reading, Scranton, Pittsburgh will be closed today, Philadelphia State Office Buildings on a 3-hour delay due to weather- Updates. DEP Offices Closures in Northeast, Pottsville, New Stanton, Cambria.
-- Weather Other: Senate and House are also closed.  PA Courts will also be closed in Harrisburg, Philadelphia on a 2-hour delay.
-- General Assembly: Senate is on a 12-hour call.  House is on a 6-hour call.  
-- Gaming Board: 3rd Auction for mini-casino moved to Thursday
-- Eagles Victory Parade: Thursday, Free Beer! Eagles Fans, What Could Go Wrong?
-- Gerrymandering Response: Court deadline for having a new Congressional district map to the Governor Friday
-- Fastnacht Day Feb. 13
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