October 3, 2016

PA Supreme Court Encourages Applications For Vacancies On Two Panels

The first two vacancies became available Monday under an initiative announced by the PA Supreme Court last month to encourage wider public participation in the judicial system through service on advisory panels, commissions and independent judicial agencies.
The vacancies include one on the Continuing Legal Education Board and one on the Orphans’ Court Procedural Rules Committee.
With the introduction of an updated webpage on the Unified Judicial System website, it will be easier to find out when vacancies occur and to apply for them.  The webpage also includes a short video of Justice David N. Wecht talking about the initiative.
It is hoped that broader outreach to those who might be interested will ensure that the court has a more diverse pool of applicants bringing new perspectives to the panels’ work.
The UJS website will serve as the central resource for the new initiative. As vacancies arise, they will be featured on the homepage, usually beginning the first week of the month.
Clicking on the announcement will lead readers to a list of vacancies with links to information about the missions of the respective entity, including terms of service, qualifications, as well as an application and directions for submission.
Applicants will have one month to apply.
In addition to postings on the website, the judiciary’s twitter feed @PaCourts will announce openings. Bar associations and law schools across the state will be notified as well so they may include information on their websites and in correspondence with members.
Although the number varies, there are usually approximately 20 vacancies each year. Volunteers are not paid for serving, and the time commitment varies depending on the entity.
For more information, visit the PA Courts’ Committees, Boards & Advisory Groups webpage.