July 16, 2015

Both Slots, Table Games Revenue Increase In FY 2014-15

The $3.1 billion of gross revenue generated during the recently completed 2014/2015 State Fiscal Year from the combined play of slot machines and table games was more than 2 percent over the previous Fiscal Year, according to the Gaming Control Board.
The monthly table games report shows over $67 million in table games revenue was generated during June 2015, a 16 percent increase compared to June 2014.  That revenue boosted total table games revenue during the 2014/2015 Fiscal Year to almost $780 million, a 6.5 percent increase over the 2013/2014 Fiscal Year.  
Total tax revenue from table games during Fiscal Year 2014/2015 was $112,158,589.
A casino by casino report is available online.