March 25, 2015

Budget Hearings: Penn State University Give Us The Money, Then We’ll See On Tuition

Penn State University President Eric Barron told the House Appropriations Committee Tuesday the General Assembly would be pleased with the action the University takes on tuition, if they provide a $49 million increase in state funding.
Barron noted Penn State did freeze tuition on 8 of Penn State’s regional campuses and planned to hold tuition increases to 1.8 percent at 6 campuses and 2.4 percent on the remaining campuses.
Valarie Harrison of Lincoln University told the Committee it has already implemented a 4-year tuition freeze to encourage students to graduate in 4 years.
Here are several other quick highlights from Tuesday’s budget hearings in the Senate--
-- Sales Tax On Nursing Homes: Sen. Lisa Baker (R-Luzerne) asked Acting Secretary of Aging Teresa Osborne what impact extending the Sales Tax to nursing home charges would have on residents.  Osborne said, “there are challenges and needs that will arise.”
-- 9 Percent Lottery Sales Increase: Sen. Baker called the projection of a 9 percent increase in lottery ticket sales “overly optimistic” and expressed concern about removing $75 million in reserve moneys from the budget.  Osborne said it is an issue of concern.
Written testimony and a video of each House hearing will be posted on the Republican House Appropriations Committee webpage.  Information about Senate budget hearings are posted on the Senate Republican Caucus website.
Testimony Available
Kathleen Kane, Attorney General (Audio File)