February 7, 2013

Thursday NewsClips

Poll Position: A Franklin & Marshall Poll released today, but taken before Feb. 3,  found 26 percent of voters felt Gov. Corbett is doing a good or excellent job, the lowest job performance for a sitting governor in the history of the F&M poll.  Interestingly, President Obama has a higher job performance rating in Pennsylvania at 42 percent.
18 percent of those polled favored the Governor’s lottery privatization plan. 53 percent support liquor privatization. 82 percent felt the state should spend more on roads and transits with 47 percent supporting an increase in the Oil Company Franchise Tax and 43 percent support increases in driver and vehicle fees.
Guns: The same Franklin & Marshall Poll found 94 percent of voters support background checks for all gun sales, 61 percent favor banning high-capacity magazines, 61 percent support banning assault weapons and 61 percent would limit handgun sales to one a month.
Corbett Gets Low Marks In F&M Poll

Poll: Voters Oppose Lottery’s Privatization
Voter Poll: Don’t Privatize Lottery Management
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Corbett’s Pension Plan Panned
Community Colleges: Tuition Increases Unavoidable
Beer Distributors Say Corbett Plan Is Bad For Business
Yuengling President Rips Philly Over Lawsuit
Gasoline Tax Will Follow Pipeline To Your Wallet
Transportation Plan Costs Hard To Figure
Corbett Budget Could Raise Gasoline Taxes
Budget Gives Municipalities Spike In Road Funding
Editorial: Transportation Plan Expensive, Necessary
Editorial: Corbett Transportation Plan First Step
Op-Ed: Lost Jobs From Liquor Privatization Not Bad
Orie Melvin Fundraiser Didn’t Know Campaign Manager
Orie Melvin Fundraise Worked With Sister
Mohegan Tribe Eyes Philly Casino Project
Brad Mallory Returns To PennDOT As Deputy
Op-Ed: PA Kids Need More Protection From Abuse
Cartwright Makes Gun Control A Priority
Letter: Unfair Commentary On Beverage Industry
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