April 5, 2011

DePasquale To Explore Run For Auditor General

Rep. Eugene DePasquale (D-York) announced today that he is exploring a 2012 candidacy for Auditor General.
"As a public servant, I have always been guided by the belief that an effective government is one that is accessible and efficient, which has led me to explore seeking the position of Auditor General, the Commonwealth's fiscal watchdog," said DePasquale. "The state's continuing budget deficits underscore how critical it is to protect taxpayer dollars and lessen the painful budget cuts that need to be made."
"If elected Auditor General, I will hold Governor Corbett accountable for how he spends taxpayer dollars by bringing greater disclosure of spending and by identifying ways that the state government can save money," said DePasquale.
Since being elected to the State House in 2006, DePasquale has led the fight for government reform. He was the first legislator to post his expenses online for public review, and was an outspoken supporter of the successful effort to expand the state's open records law.
DePasquale believes that the Democratic Party's nominee for Auditor General should hold progressive values and strong credibility on reform issues. With his results-based budgeting proposal, online-posting of his expenditures, and a strong commitment to education, DePasquale would be an excellent candidate and put the Democratic Party in a strong position to continue to hold the office.
In addition, DePasquale's strong western Pennsylvania roots and his solid base in the growing south central part of the state would add regional balance to any statewide ticket.
DePasquale's legislative work, in particular his years on the budget committee, gives him a deep understanding of the state budget and state programs. "Through performance audits, I will work to not only ensure that money is spent properly but that taxpayers are getting the best bang for their buck by identifying ways to increase the efficacy of state programs."
DePasquale's proven dedication to protecting the environment will also continue if elected Auditor General. He will conduct performance audits of the Department of Environmental Protection, including programs that regulate water quality, to help protect Pennsylvanians' constitutional right to pure water.
DePasquale will explore a potential candidacy throughout the remainder of 2011.